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The Sequis Difference

8 Jun

I went to Kumon today to get an introduction about their program. The owner told us that Kumon has been established for quite some time. With their years of experience, they can tell and people can see that their way of teaching does work. You can try all new things but experience is the best teacher of all.

So, with my blog today about the Sequis Difference, I am trying to point out what are their difference in comparison with other insurance company.


On the 29th of May 2013, Sequis Life celebrate its 29 years anniversary ^_^ yay….

With 29 years of experience in the life industry, still in a good standing financially and even keep growing steadily in the Indonesian market, Sequis Life is one brand that Indonesian should be proud of.

While other Indonesian insurance company was being taken over by our foreign counterparts, Sequis Life (was Sewu New York Life), has managed to acquire our foreign counterparts market share in the industry. 2 foreign insurance companies market shares being taken over by Sequis are New York Life and Met Life. 2 giants company and even the biggest in America. 

Sequis Life assets currently is around 9 trillion rupiahs when this blog is posted; with an RBC of 276%.  As a company, it means that if all of Sequis Life clients make their claim (100%), Sequis life will still stand strong with an extra 176% capital reserved. RBC exist to protect the firms, their investors and customers, and the economy as a whole.

As one of the company that still sell traditional life insurance products i.e. non unit link products, Sequis Life provide a complete array of products that can be suit to your need and budget. 

List of traditional products that Sequis has :

1. Term life : Superior Term

– Term Life is suitable for people with low budget but want a full protection for their family. It gives cover for 5 years, 10 years, 15 years and 20 years; renewable.

2. Whole Life : Q Smart Life, Life Plan

– Whole Life is suitable for people who is established in terms of income, want a peace of mind in regards to their family protection. There is a saving component in the product. It covers until 100 years old of age.

3. Endowment : Q Edu, Q Uni, New Scholar Plan, Superfund, Retirement Life Plan, Cash Plan

– Endowment is suitable for established people who have that extra money that can be saved to guarantee the future of their kids education or their retirement time. It will give money back to you at certain times in the future, for a period of time, with a guaranteed amount and some offer bonuses.

That is our list of traditional products, now let’s talk about our most favorite talk of all.

As an accountant and a financial planner, I have learned that there are so many people in Indonesia don’t really understand about investment. However, with the current situation where most insurance companies are selling unit link products through banks, brokers and individual agents, the not so knowledgeable customers always claim they got cheated.

My aunt for example, she called me last night telling me how she spend Rp.500.000,00/month on unit linked products which was sold through bank, after a few months of paying, come a statement that say there are only Rp.300.000,00 on the balance if she wants to make a withdrawal.  It doesn’t add up she said.

With traditional products, you pay the premium for a certain period, you are guaranteed being covered for a certain period. On the other hand, with unit linked products, you pay the premium for a certain period, there is NO guarantee for how long you are being covered. It all depends on the value of your units and whether those value enough to pay your insurance premium that cover your health, life, waiver, accident, and critical illness benefits. That is the basic that every customer SHOULD understand though most of them don’t.

Steviani, CPA, CFP®, 2013 Sequislife ICON, MDRT.