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Get insurance that suits YOUR LIFESTYLE!

22 May

“I’m sorry Mam, but your Health Insurance Card is only covering for room rate Rp.800.000,00 per night. Your Dad currently stay at Suite Room which rate is Rp.3.500.000,00 per night.”

Well that was a real conversation that I had few weeks ago at one hospital in Jakarta.

My Dad got a heart attack 2 weeks ago. He went to the hospital at night with my Mom and looking for a private room to get treatment. Unfortunately private rooms are full that night and the one available is either ICU or that 3.5mio Suite Room. He took that suite room.

The next day the doctor perform cardiac catheterization and found out one of the vein is narrowing thus decided my Dad will need a stent implanted in his heart then and there. He already got 4 stents, this is the fifth. Not only a heart stent, he also got an extra balloon on the same line. Goodness me, one stent cost about Rp.60.000.000,00 if you are wondering.

Stay in the hospital for 2 nights, one doctor visit, one surgery room for catheterization and angioplasty surgery, 1 stent and 1 balloon, 6 hours stay at ICU and take home medicine easily cost us almost Rp.150.000.000,00

Luckily my parents can afford to pay that bill.

Imagine if you are on the same situation. You are in an emergency situation to get a medical treatment but there is no room that suits your budget. So the choice either take the expensive room or get no medical treatment at all. I’m sure if you love your life dearly or someone else that is dear to you, you will most likely take that first option ie. stay at the expensive room even though you have no idea how you will ever be able to pay for the bill, their wellbeing will be your TOP Priority.

Many people in Indonesia don’t really know about Health Insurance. So when that critical time comes, their only option is either take out their life savings or borrow money from their family/friends. If they only knew there is a third option ie. Health Insurance. With a small amount of money you can save a lot and still get the medication treatment you need without worry of your financial future.

My parents remember that they ever buy a private health insurance so when they checked in to the hospital, the next thing they do is TO FIND THAT MAGIC CARD. THEY TOOK OUT ALL OF THEIR CARDS, HOPING TO FIND THAT ONE CARD WHICH WHEN THEY SWIPE, IT CAN PAY THE HOSPITAL BILL AND WONT STRIP OFF THEIR LIFE SAVINGS.

Good thing, she found it! She cant remember the cover she has because at that time she only bought it because her friends keep pestering her to buy. She took out the policy and find out that the insurance cover she bought was for room rate Rp.500.000,00 with very small benefit. Lucky there is another one provided by the company for room rate Rp.800.000,00 with a limited benefit which unfortunately they cant use because the room rate is too expensive compare to the card benefit so the hospital require the company to write a letter of guarantee. In the end, he have to pay it first and to get a reimbursement from two insurance companies later on.

Too much hassle isn’t it? Therefore I write this to let you know that if money is not a problem for you, PLEASE GET AN INSURANCE THAT SUITS YOUR LIFESTYLE. If you can pay ONLY 30 mio for a 150 mio bill, would you take it? I would.

As I wrote too many times, for people who already has a steady income, HEALTH INSURANCE is currently part of your LIFESTYLE. As your lifestyle increases, you might want to increase your Health and Life Insurance cover as well.

Trust me it is easier to increase your lifestyle than decreasing it.
Too many stories people can tell about huge medical bill changed their family lifestyle and most of it are not pretty. If you want to protect your lifestyle, I highly recommend you to get a Health and Life Insurance for yourself.

If you can not afford Private Health Insurance, you have to have at least cover from BPJS Kesehatan. With only less than Rp.50.000,00 you can get the same treatment which cost millions rupiah. Be smart with your money, get Insurance to protect yourself and your family from unnecessary financial distress.

Steviani, CPA, CFP®