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Why Worry Now?

30 Sep

His birthday is coming in 10 days time.

Now he is still 30 years old. Handsome, married a beautiful wife, have 2 adorable young children. The oldest is just 4 years old, the youngest just turning to 1.


A few days ago, my mother in-law told me about a friend of her whose son is currently hospitalised because he was suddenly collapsed in his house.

He is just 31 years old, very young but he got high cholesterol she said.

I asked her,  is he married? Yes, with 2 kids.

They all worry she said, it all happened so sudden. A week ago he was standing there brightly on his brother’s wedding celebrations. His kids were so cute they all standing on the podium giving a handshake to the guests.

Why Worry Now?

People live with lots of choices on their hand. They are free to make their own choices, including choices of what sort of life they want to live in.

This young man, i can’t really say for sure  but I’m sure he chose to live a happy life with his wife and his 2 young children.

They Worry Now, he is in coma, he can die anytime, who will care for his children, how his family going to cope if their bread winner is to pass away. No one knows, they all just got worry for things that is so sudden and unpredictable. They are not ready for it. But for now, they just worry how much will the hospital bill be? Will he survive? Will he be able to work again like normal? Will anyone willing to support this family?

Why Worry Now?

That is the three words resounding in my chest for a while. Why do you have to worry? Sickness and death is always unpredictable, but maintaining a healthy lifestyle is something that you can choose and afford. So, Why Worry Now? What is the actual thing are you worrying about? All these people, from what i can hear is all your worry is about money money and money. Everyone worry but no one really wants to spend their money for this family’s future life. They are worry, but they can not help.

If only they knew, if that young man is to pass away, his parents will pay all of the cost and support his family.

Money is not everything but it sure can helps you at times in need.

Life is irreplacable so why dont you start to show your love by taking care of yourself first. Live a healthy life mentally, physically, and financially.

-coming back to Now-

My mother in-law just came back from the hospital, she told me that the boy has passed away last night, but his wife still wants to keep him longer so she refused for them to take out the breathing support.

It was so sad she said. Her friend got 3 kids, all three of them have the same high cholesterol. The oldest, now 30, has passed away due to heart attack. My condolences.

When I was talking to someone about health/life insurance, they asked how long will it cover? Assuming you are healthy, it can cover you until you are old enough to see many generations to come. However, with this event i hope it is as clear to you, readers, as it is to me, that the risk of death can happen to anyone, anytime at any age. It can happen Now.

So, Why Worry Now? Because you never know when it will happen. If you never have any preparation, then, Start Worry Now.

Steviani, CPA, CFP®, 2013 Sequislife ICON, MDRT.