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Looking at Opportunities

2 May

When everyone is looking into IT, I am currently looking into the Food Industry. Going back to basic, Food, is the one thing that everyone will always need, no matter how young or old, how big or small, how rich or poor, you need to eat in order to survive. My dad told me that Food is a never ending stories. Therefore I am here now in my mid 30s, started to look at a new direction, and walking toward the food industry which I hope will be a legacy for  my children and many people.



Time Management is The Key to Success

2 May

I attended a wedding two days ago at Holiday Inn Kemayoran. A dear friend of mine, Mr. Eddi Mak, CFP®AEPP®, was asking me how did I go this year (in terms of Sequis business performance)? I havent perform at all this year. I told him that my newly established family business is taking my time, with two little kids to be taken care of at home, it is almost like a juggling act to keep everything running smoothly. His tips is simple, which he said he got it from Sandro Forte at APLIC 2015, that everyone has 24 hours, so you just have to write it down and look which time slot you have and do it on that time. ^_^



Indonesian Taxation Regulation that bothers me

11 Sep

I just came back from my husband’s niece birthday party. At the end of the party my husband take me to a room that has some aunties and uncles who are busy talking about Indonesian tax amnesty.

One of the conversation that came up is about declaring the value of a property and revaluation of a property. I told them that since in Indonesian Individual Tax Reporting regulation you have to list down all of your assets and liabilities, it would be best that if you haven’t list them down on your previous income tax report, on this tax amnesty, you put down the purchase price of that property and pay ransom at the lowest rate. You could just update the value on your next tax report without having to pay the ransom, I said.

Straight away, one of the uncle told me that any tax consultant that suggest that idea is a blunder tax consultant. Under Indonesian Income Tax rule, if you do a revaluation of an asset, you have to pay a final income tax of 10% from the assets value increment. That is weird I said, from my experience and knowledge as an accountant, revaluation of an asset is just one way of showing the updated current value of the asset so you can have a better picture of the current condition. Unless you sell the asset, there would be no Income received, and if there is no income, there shouldn’t be any income tax liability. Revaluation of an asset doesn’t equal an income unless it is a realised gain ( there is a possibility of realised loss as well, right?).

But guess what, based on the Indonesian Ministry of Finance Regulation no. 79 year 2008 (PMK 79/2008), you do get taxed 10% of Final Income Tax based on the increment from revaluation of an asset. There is an update on this; based on the PMK 191/2015, if you do a revaluation of fixed assets until 31 December 2016, you only need to pay 3%of  Final Income Tax. You can read further from the Taxation Department website:

Final Income Tax in Indonesia means, doesn’t matter whether you are an Indonesian Tax Resident or Non Indonesian Tax Resident, for any final income tax you have paid, you wont get any tax credit nor tax refund, even though your annual income is actually are still below the non taxable income threshold (gross annual income of 0-54 million rupiah) =D

So, yes, that is one case of Final Income Tax based on Unrealised Gain on Revaluation of Asset that do bothers me. Why do you have to pay income tax when there is no income?

Another one that bothers me so much is the Indonesian Joint Income Tax reporting for married couple.

Example #1 : Let say you are a female earning 600 million rupiah from work/business on year 2016. Your cute boyfriend on that same year also earning the same amount of 600 million rupiah. When you have to submit your income tax return, you know for sure that the calculation is roughly like this :

Each of you have a taxable income of 546 million (600 million – 54 million non taxable income).

The progressive income tax return based on Income Tax Regulation item 17 (UU PPH Ps.17): 0-50 million = 5%, >50million-250 million = 15%, >250million – 500 million= 25%, >500 million = 30%.

Thus on that 546 million, you will get tax progressively based on the tax bracket :

1). First 50 million = 50 million x 5% = 2.5 million

2). Next 200 million = 200 million x 15% = 30 million

3). Next 250 million = 250 million x 25% = 62.5 million

4). Last 46 million = 46 million x 30% = 13.8 million

The total taxable income for each individual is 546 million and based on UU PPH Ps. 17, the individual income tax that each of them has to paid is 108.8 million rupiah. So, you have to pay 108.8 million to the Tax Department (Dirjen Pajak) and your boyfriend will also pay the same amount of 108.8 million to Dirjen Pajak. The total amount of tax collected from the two single (not married) working Indonesian Tax Resident is 217.6 million.

Now, if you accept your boyfriend proposal and marry him, under the Indonesian Tax Regulation, now the taxation will be based on the joint income. It is recommended by the tax department that the wife to delete her tax file number and put all of her income details on her husband income tax return file.  (Lately there has been some changes where the tax department is urging everyone to have their own tax file number)

Example #2 : Assuming another scenario, they are a married couple. In 2016, the wife earning 600 million rupiah from her business and her husband also earning 600 million rupiah from his work/business; no kids yet.

So, we have same 2 working Indonesian Tax resident with same amount of income of 600 million each, with probably more household expense since they are married, but as you will see below the government is putting more burden on you with the joint income reporting scheme.

For married couple with no kids, the non taxable for joint income is 112.5 million rupiah. Thus, the taxable income is 1,087.5 million ( husband 600 million + wife 600 million – non taxable joint income 112.5 million).

Using the same progressive tax rate, the 1,087.5 million will get taxed :

1). First 50 million = 50 million x 5% = 2.5 million

2). Next 200 million = 200 million x 15% = 30 million

3). Next 250 million = 250 million x 25% = 62.5 million

4). Last 587.5 million = 587.5 million x 30% = 176.25 million

So, the total amount income tax owed to the Tax Department is 271.25 million rupiah. That is an extra 53.65 million rupiah of your household income is being taken by the Tax Department just because you are a married couple and you have to combine your income for taxation purposes. Is it fair? You tell me, I don’t think it’s fair.

Two same source of income yet you have to pay more just because you are married. Married people usually have more expenses to pay than a single person, especially when later on children come into the picture. This Joint Income Regulation just doesn’t make sense for me. Maybe because I have learn about Australian tax regulation so I’ve got a comparison.

In Australia, Individual Tax Return is  Individual Tax Return, it doesn’t change when you get married. Why do you have to get taxed more just because you are married? In my personal opinion, that Joint Income Taxation Scheme is ripping off one individual’s right of getting the progressive tax rate correctly. It put her/him straight into the highest tax rate of the joint income balance.

So, there you go, two Indonesian Taxation Regulations that bothers me so much :

  1. Final Income Tax on unrealised gain from revaluation of assets.    Final income tax actually bothers me too but my teacher told me without this final income tax on bank interest, on shares/land/property transactions, etc., this country won’t survive. So I will let it slide for now.
  2. Married couple joint income taxation regulation which will increase your individual income tax even though you are earning the same amount of money as the single does. Singles pay less tax while married for more tax, very absurd. Higher each individual income tax due to higher earnings, I can understand. But higher each individual income tax due to married status, I am totally dumbfounded of this absurdity.

I hope after tax amnesty season they will make changes to those two regulations. Unrealised gain from revaluation of assets should only get taxed when it is realised and as for the married couple joint income tax regulation, should just delete it, along with the extra rule for female tax payer.

If Indonesia want to compete, they should make changes to the tax guideline, one of them is on the area of individual income tax : different forms (1770, 1770s, 1770 ss), different treatment (male/female-married/not married), etc. I am supporting that each individual should have their own tax file number and please if possible, simplify the tax form with a single form for all individual tax report, and focus on each individual income/expenses, not focusing too much on their gender, their line of work, nor their marital status.

Sometimes people are scared of tax not because they can’t pay tax but because it looks so complicated that they don’t understand, and because they don’t understand they are more likely to not join the group. Educate the people, the more educated the person, the more likely they will pay tax.

I have said too much, I hope you all enjoy your long weekend.



Steviani CPA






Asuransi Whole Life

11 May

Saya lihat sudah ada banyak yang menjelaskan mengenai macam-macam jenis asuransi dan saya pun pernah menjelaskannya cuma dalam bahasa inggris waktu itu.

Disini saya hanya ingin berbagi pengetahuan lebih detail mengenai produk asuransi whole life yang selama ini mungkin banyak orang belum pernah dengar atau masih bingung, jenis asuransi apalagi itu, krn selama ini taunya hanya asuransi unit link.

Asuransi Whole Life, sangat populer di negara2 seperti Jepang, Amerika dan Eropa; produk ini sangat menguntungkan jika dibeli oleh kaum muda (usia 1-65 tahun). Selain memiliki unsur tabungan dengan bunga yang cukup menarik, bukan termasuk objek pajak dan dijamin oleh Pemerintah melalui Undang-Undang. Produk ini menarik bagi para kaum muda karena selain memberikan manfaat perlindungan seumur hidup (sampai tertanggung berusia 100tahun); apabila tertanggung hidup sampai usia 100tahun maka ia akan menerima kembali uang tunai sejumlah Uang Pertanggungan yang dia beli. Anda mungkin sering lihat orang Asuransi bilang Uang Kecil beli Uang Besar, produk inilah yang dimaksud.

Apa sih keunggulan produk tradisional seperti ini jika dibandingkan dengan produk asuransi yg sekarang banyak dikenal (unit link)?

Perbedaan mendasar adalah produk ini memberikan Nilai Tunai Dijamin (yang nilainya meningkat seiring dengan usia, sampai batas maksimum sejumlah UP yg dibeli), sedangkan unit link menawarkan Nilai Investasi (yg nilainya bisa naik ataupun turun, tergantung dari performa pasar saham unit link yg dipilih).

Oleh karena perbedaan mendasar tersebut maka secara otomatis perbedaan lainnya adalah TIDAK ADAnya potongan biaya2 pada produk asuransi Whole Life, seperti :
1. Biaya Akuisisi
2. Biaya Administrasi Bulanan
3. Biaya Manajemen Investasi
4. Biaya Asuransi Jiwa Bulanan
5. Biaya Peralihan (Switching)
6. Biaya Penarikan (Wihdrawal)
7. Biaya Lain-lain

Nah kalo sudah bahas keunggulannya, kekurangannya apa? Ada plus pasti ada minus dong.

Nah yang mungkin dianggap kekurangan bagi banyak agen mungkin ini : Produk Asuransi Whole Life tidak seperti Produk Asuransi Unit Link yang bisa memberikan Nilai Pengembalian Lebih daripada Uang Pertanggungan yang dibeli. Jadi, kalo beli Unit Link anda bisa lihat Estimasi Nilai Investasi sampai beratus-ratus juta bahkan bermilyar-milyar sampai trilyunan hanya dengan membayar 10 tahun misalnya; pada produk Asuransi Whole Life, nilai uangnya paling maksimal adalah sebesar Uang Pertanggungan.

Pada Asuransi Unit Link, kepastian akan keberlangsungan Rencana Perlindungan Keluarga Anda tergantung dari beberapa faktor penting diantaranya adalah nilai unit yg naik turun dan besarnya potongan biaya2 dimana beberapa biaya bahkan ikut meningkat seiring usia. Kalau nilai unit investasi sudah tidak mencukupi maka ada kemungkinan kontrak polis akan berakhir. Dimana berarti berakhir pula perlindungan yang direncanakan buat keluarga Anda.

Pada Asuransi Whole Life, keberlangsungan perlindungan keluarga Anda tergantung dari pelunasan premi yang masa bayarnya sesuai dengan kontrak asuransi. Kalo tidak dilunasi maka ada kemungkinan polis akan berakhir dan berakhir jugalah perlindungan yang direncanakan buat keluarga Anda.

Bagi seorang kepala keluarga/pencari nafkah yang sedang mencari asuransi perlindungan untuk keluarga, Asuransi Whole Life bisa menjadi solusi yg tepat buat Rencana Perlindungan Keluarga Anda. Terutama bagi keluarga muda.

Sekian dari saya, semoga bermanfaat.

Steviani CPA, CFP®

Good Bye 2015 and Welcome 2016

22 Jan

Good Bye 2015 and Welcome 2016.

It may be a late New Year post but anyway, I still want to write something about it.

2015 is a highlight for me.

It started of with the busy-ness preparing for the biggest event I ever become part of; Asia Pacific Life Insurance Congress and Kampoeng Cerdas Keuangan which was held in Bali, 23-26 March 2015. To work with lots of people, meet new friends from around the world and being responsible for an international event like this one is a new level up for my experience.

After that, from April 2015, the year was filled with lots and lots of learning and knowledge sharing from member of CPA Australia and Financial Planner Community of Indonesia.

Special thanks to Imelda Tarigan from CIMB Securities and Budi Raharjo from OneShildt who make formation of Financial Planner Community of Indonesia possible and always with open heart let us use their place to make the advance learning classes for the Financial Planner Community of Indonesia  possible throughout the year for free. Also for everyone who has willingly sharing knowledge and experience with us throughout the year, our Financial Planners, namely Venna W., Joannes W., Imelda Tarigan, Steviani, Reni K. Ashuri, Astrie Dewi, Subur Harahap, Mourits Rompa (twice last year, thanks heaps Pak Mourits!). Looking forward to 2016 FP Community of Indonesia meetings.

CPA Australia in 2015 begin the year with a breakfast dialogue at Mercantile from our CPA members who work at Frisian Flag Indonesia i.e. Tom Van Der Lee CPA and Nghia Trinh (Simon) CPA. Along the year, more breakfast dialogue and seminars was held. Two of the outstanding events I attended was the 2 days seminar  at Mulia Hotel, about Darwinism and also signing MoU between CPA Australia and Ikatan Akuntan Publik Indonesia (IAPI), and 2015 CPA Indonesia Gala Dinner which is attended by CPA Australia Director, President and Chairman of The Board, Graeme Wade FCPA and am happily witnessing the graduation of my 1st CPA Mentee, Romaine Pierru CPA. Thank you to CPA Australia Indonesia officers, especially Retty Setiawan and Aida Sukseswati, who make all of this beneficial events available for free for CPA members in Indonesia.

Last but not least, for my family who have shared this 2015 journey with me and Sequis Life. Thank you for all of your love and continuous support throughout the year and made it possible for me to finish this year in a high note. For newly married couple in 2015 : Ivan & Anastasia, Purnama & Livia, Elbert & Daisy, I wish you three couples a peaceful, blessed marriage life with tiny little babies this year or next year to bring more joy and happiness to the family. For new members of this world, Moreno and Dexter Dianto, may you grow with great health and happiness forever. I greatly appreciate all of your support and looking forward to give it back to you in folds this year and years ahead.

For 2016 lots of planning has been made. If things go as planned, my Kumon franchise will begin this year and I will start working with little children learning basic mathematics. I am so looking forward to it!

Thank you for everyone who is reading this and I wish you all the best in 2016.

Best wishes,

Steviani CPA, CFP



Kena Demam Berdarah

26 Nov

Puji Tuhan untuk kesembuhan yang telah saya alami dari penyakit Demam Berdarah selama 10 hari kemaren ini. Terima kasih untuk teman2 dan saudara2 yang telah datang berkunjung memberikan doa dan perhatian kepada saya selama saya dirawat di Rumah Sakit.

Siapa sangka cuma dengan satu gigitan nyamuk duit 23 juta bisa melayang. Kalo tidak sembuh, tidak cuma duit, nyawapun bisa ikutan melayang dan kalo urusan nyawa melayang, efek dominonya bisa kemana-mana tuh. Syukurlah kemaren ini semua biaya saya ditanggung asuransi Sequis Life, jadi saya bisa fokus ke penyembuhan tanpa harus khawatir mengenai masalah keuangan.

Penyakit Demam Berdarah yang saya alami berawal dari Demam yang tidak kunjung turun selama 3 hari, suhu tubuh selalu diatas 39 derajat. Udah pake antibiotik, ngga juga mau turun suhunya. Mulut pun mulai terasa pahit, kepala kadang2 sakit, tubuh sedikit terasa ngilu namun pindah2 sakitnya kadang di punggung kadang di lutut kaki, tidak jelas sakitnya dimana.

Hari ketiga kita lakukan tes darah di Lab Bio Medika. Tes darah lengkap, beserta hapus tenggorok, juga tes untuk demam berdarah dan tipus dilakukan. Hasilnya positif untuk demam berdarah, negatif untuk tipus. Langsung deh pulang ke rumah, beres2 baju, langsung menuju RS Grha Kedoya.

Kita buru2 ngungsi ke RS krn takutnya kedua anak yg masih balita di rumah bisa tertular kalo ada nyamuk yg kebetulan gigit saya nanti gigit mereka juga.

Setibanya di RS, ibu dan adik perempuan saya membantu mendaftarkan saya, lalu diminta ketemu dokter spesialis penyakit dalam agar selanjutnya bisa dibantu untuk rawat inap di RS tsb. 18 November 2015 saya berjodoh dengan seorang dokter penyakit dalam, dr. Eny Srijati Karjono, Sp.PD, yang kebetulan sedang praktek malam itu. Melalui pertolongan beliau, dimulai lah petualangan saya menginap 7 hari di RS Grha Kedoya, Jakarta Barat.

Dari ruangan dokter spesialis, saya dianter dengan kursi roda ke ruangan IGD. Disana ada dr. Ricky yang ngecek hasil lab saya sebelumnya, ada juga suster pria yg mulai memasangkan jarum untuk infus di tangan kiri juga mengambil darah untuk tes lab lebih lanjut di tangan kanan, ada juga bagian asuransi dari RS Grha Kedoya yang membantu administrasi rawat inap.

Saya diminta tanda tangan satu lembar pernyataan mau dirawat, lalu kartu asuransi Sequis saya dipinjam untuk digesekkan dan keluar kertas dari mesin EDC yg memberikan pernyataan persetujuan limit kamar  juga manfaat kesehatan Sesuai Tagihan. Tidak ada Uang Muka yg diminta, hanya kartu asuransinya dipinjam sbg jaminan.

Tidak lama, saya didorong bersama ranjangnya ke kamar VIP yang sudah saya pesan. Setibanya di kamar, datang dr. Rudy, katanya dokter jaga untuk malam itu. Halo2 perkenalan dokter Rudy dihargai 120rb untungnya hanya dikenakan 1x selama tinggal disana.

Untuk 7 hari berikutnya, rutinitas saya adalah ambil darah jam 6 pagi, lalu dokter visit, makan2 minum2 yang banyak dan tidur istirahat yang cukup.

Trombosit diawasi setiap hari. Selain makan obat dokter, keluarga juga bawain obat Fufang Ejiao yang bagus buat menaikkan trombosit katanya. Dibawain juga air rebusan obat cina Angkak, juga air kelapa hijau asli, masih juga minum air putih berbotol2. Rasanya onta juga kalah jumlah minumnya dibanding saya pas masuk RS kmrn ini.

Saat masuk trombosit saya 140 ribu dimana normalnya 150 ribu. Lalu hari-hari berikutnya mulai turun ke 117rb, 101rb, 73 rb.

Di saat trombosit 73 rb, kedua telapak tangan dan telapak kaki saya tiba2 memerah kayak kepiting rebus dan sangat gatal sekali, seakan2 ada ribuan atau jutaan semut berkerumun dan menggigiti kedua telapak tangan dan telapak kaki. Saya baca2 di internet, ada bbrp orang yang memang mengalami hal yg serupa dan tidak lama mereka sembuh.

Karena merah2 itu, dokter menyarankan saya di tes campak dan hasilnya menunjukkan Anti Rubela IgG +51 sedangkan Anti Rubela IgM -0.17. Artinya saya pernah kena campak dulu, dan sekarang tubuh sudah memiliki anti campak sendiri. Saat ini tidak ada campaknya. Berarti merah2 gatal itu bukanlah campak.

Harap2 cemas, besoknya hasil tes darah menunjukkan leukosit dari 1700 naik menjadi 2300, trombosit hanya naik 1000 jadi 74ribu. Nah….bener nih berarti kaki tangan gatel udah mau sembuh. Telapak kaki dan tangan masih terus gatal sepanjang hari. Dokter kasih obat minum dan salep, tidak terlalu berpengaruh.

Hari berikutnya lagi, trombosit mulai naik ke 98ribu, gatal2 di tangan dan kaki masih terasa tapi udah tidak semerah sebelumnya. Besok sudah boleh pulang kata Dokter Hendro Budijono, Sp. PD; suaminya dr. Eny, namun ortu saya melarang, tunggu sampai trombositnya normal kata mereka.

Besoknya trombosit tambah naik lagi ke 129 ribu, gatal2 di tangan dan kaki masih terasa tapi sudah berkurang jauh gatalnya. Saat dokter Eny berkunjung dikasih cerita bahwa konon emang ada mitos tidak bagus keluar dari RS hari Selasa atau Sabtu. Syerem deh ceritanya, jadi percaya aja deh.

Kemaren, saat hasil trombosit sudah 205ribu, saya boleh pulang. Jam 10.57 setelah visit terakhir dokter dan tutup tagihan, dari RS dikirimkan ke Sequis – Admedika, kurang dari 15 menit jam 11.11 Admedika langsung membalas dengan rincian biaya apa yg dicover dan tidak dicover. Saya tinggal tanda tangan di selembar kertas rincian biaya yg dicover dan tidak dicover, langsung  abis itu bisa pulang. Banyak orang mengeluh lama untuk keluar dari RS tapi syukurlah hal itu tidak saya alami kemaren ini.

Syukur juga pas sakit SUDAH punya asuransi Sequis yang memberikan manfaat sesuai tagihan. Biaya RS sebesar 23 juta, semuanya dicover kecuali excess biaya administrasi sebesar 750ribu. Ngga tau kenapa mahal bener tuh, biaya admin aja sampe 1.2jt, Sequis udah cover 500ribu jadi kita bayar sisanya. Yah bersyukur aja deh udah sembuh, semua dicover mulai dari kamar, obat2an, biaya dokter, infus, dll.

VIP di RS Grha Kedoya 1.250.000/malam, termasuk 1 tas amenities, peminjaman Handuk mandi, piyama ganti setiap hari, ganti sprei kasur dan sarung bantal setiap hari, makan pagi-siang-malam , masih ditambah snack 3 x sehari, cleaning service 3 x sehari (pagi siang malam), suster yang super gesit begitu dipencet tombol langsung datang ga pake lama. Fasilitas dan pelayanan sangat memuaskan.

Sekian pengalaman saya kena demam berdarah dan memakai fasilitas cashless asuransi kesehatan Sequis di RS Grha Kedoya, Jakarta Barat.



Financial Planner Community of Indonesia

15 Apr

A new community of financial planners has emerge, happy to be part of it. First official member gathering Saturday, 18 April 2015 from 10am to 12pm at Pondok Indah. It will be a 2 hours full of new friends to meet and knowledge sharing. Best of all, it ‘s FREE!!!  😉

If you are a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER and feel like looking for a new home or just new friends, come and join us! Will be happy to meet you all.