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Good Bye 2015 and Welcome 2016

22 Jan

Good Bye 2015 and Welcome 2016.

It may be a late New Year post but anyway, I still want to write something about it.

2015 is a highlight for me.

It started of with the busy-ness preparing for the biggest event I ever become part of; Asia Pacific Life Insurance Congress and Kampoeng Cerdas Keuangan which was held in Bali, 23-26 March 2015. To work with lots of people, meet new friends from around the world and being responsible for an international event like this one is a new level up for my experience.

After that, from April 2015, the year was filled with lots and lots of learning and knowledge sharing from member of CPA Australia and Financial Planner Community of Indonesia.

Special thanks to Imelda Tarigan from CIMB Securities and Budi Raharjo from OneShildt who make formation of Financial Planner Community of Indonesia possible and always with open heart let us use their place to make the advance learning classes for the Financial Planner Community of Indonesia  possible throughout the year for free. Also for everyone who has willingly sharing knowledge and experience with us throughout the year, our Financial Planners, namely Venna W., Joannes W., Imelda Tarigan, Steviani, Reni K. Ashuri, Astrie Dewi, Subur Harahap, Mourits Rompa (twice last year, thanks heaps Pak Mourits!). Looking forward to 2016 FP Community of Indonesia meetings.

CPA Australia in 2015 begin the year with a breakfast dialogue at Mercantile from our CPA members who work at Frisian Flag Indonesia i.e. Tom Van Der Lee CPA and Nghia Trinh (Simon) CPA. Along the year, more breakfast dialogue and seminars was held. Two of the outstanding events I attended was the 2 days seminar  at Mulia Hotel, about Darwinism and also signing MoU between CPA Australia and Ikatan Akuntan Publik Indonesia (IAPI), and 2015 CPA Indonesia Gala Dinner which is attended by CPA Australia Director, President and Chairman of The Board, Graeme Wade FCPA and am happily witnessing the graduation of my 1st CPA Mentee, Romaine Pierru CPA. Thank you to CPA Australia Indonesia officers, especially Retty Setiawan and Aida Sukseswati, who make all of this beneficial events available for free for CPA members in Indonesia.

Last but not least, for my family who have shared this 2015 journey with me and Sequis Life. Thank you for all of your love and continuous support throughout the year and made it possible for me to finish this year in a high note. For newly married couple in 2015 : Ivan & Anastasia, Purnama & Livia, Elbert & Daisy, I wish you three couples a peaceful, blessed marriage life with tiny little babies this year or next year to bring more joy and happiness to the family. For new members of this world, Moreno and Dexter Dianto, may you grow with great health and happiness forever. I greatly appreciate all of your support and looking forward to give it back to you in folds this year and years ahead.

For 2016 lots of planning has been made. If things go as planned, my Kumon franchise will begin this year and I will start working with little children learning basic mathematics. I am so looking forward to it!

Thank you for everyone who is reading this and I wish you all the best in 2016.

Best wishes,

Steviani CPA, CFP