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Entrepreneur in You @ Kompas Gramedia 27-28 Nov 2013

23 Dec

Kompas Gramedia held a 2 days workshop about Entrepreneur in You with Mr.Asep H. Ghani as the main speaker, Mr. Andoko from Oneshildt Financial Planner and as part of the Komunitas Cerdas Keuangan, Steviani from Sequis Life.




Financial Planning Offer : Guaranteed Stream of Income For The Rest of Your Life.

10 Dec

Many people in Indonesia still believe in savings. Believe means they know that to have a saving is good but it is something that really hard to do in real life. While not many have experience in investment, they do have some sort of instinct to put most of their major investment either in savings account, term deposits, properties or gold bars. They don’t like insurance,but they like the idea of being protected when they are ill/sick and have some pension money when they retire, to be able to leave some inheritance to the family when they gone.

Just recently that I know, most productive people age around 20-50 years old, rarely have long term savings.

If you ask them whether they have savings account for pension, some will say they have. But how much are they putting into it, or whether they put it regularly, most of them haven’t really thought about it.

The workers think their company/government will take care of them. They earn income, spend it, find any left over to put into savings account. Another month if they got another interesting thing to buy, they withdraw the money to purchase the goods. If any accident happened to member of the family, they borrow money from friends who have saved more money than them.
 If extraordinary expenses incurred eg. school trip, they will either propose to extend the payment or borrow someone else to cover it.

In a recent event which I attended, a group of people who recently got fired, most of them reveal shocking truth about how they were all in a comfort zone that they never really think to prepare anything like health insurance, pension fund, emergency fund, etc. It was all covered by the company. Being fired was not in the plan. If your government/company is giving you health insurance, accident cover, pension fund, life insurance; how could you not believe in Insurance?You all were relying on it.

Now I am offering you a Financial Planning. What happen if you never do your own financial planning? Well, nothing much. Until one day when you arrived at a point where the company ain’t going to cover you anymore, your government benefit is not enough to cover you, I hope you already have enough savings to support your own life. That is why, before you reach that point, make your plan, get your life instruments ready, work hard and make a smart investment for your future. Nothing you can do to change the past, but if you want to change the future, NOW is the time to do so.

What early financial planning can do for you?One example, I have prepared some interesting plan that can make your money keep over flowing no matter whether the world is in a crisis or not, whether the interest rate is up or down, no matter what happened, you will have a GUARANTEED STREAM OF INCOME for the rest of your life. It is like a Time Machine where all we do is Transferring some little portion of your current money to the future. In the future, all you have to do is Receiving the Money and use it whenever you want to. You don’t have to deal with Mr. Tax man, you don’t have to rely on your children for pocket money, you could  just enjoy your day, enjoy your financial freedom. Sounds too good to be true, well I am not a liar nor a cheater. I am an accountant and for your case, I am just a Financial Planner. It is my job to make plans and show you what plan that will give benefit to you or your family, Financially.

Last but not least, early Merry Christmas to you and thank you for reading my blog. I am taking my holiday soon ^_^ so if you want to book a consultation time before 20thDecember2013, make it early by sending email to . I am looking forward to make a good plan for you.

Steviani, CPA, CFP®, 2013 Sequislife ICON, MDRT.