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Health Insurance Offer : Local, Regional vs Global

15 Jan

What do you like about your health insurance cover?

I know what i like about mine. It gives me a peace of mind wherever I go.

I live in Jakarta. Our government is currently working hard starting up a national health insurance cover for everyone. Everyone : Indonesians and Non-Indonesian who stay in Indonesia for 6 months or more. With 250 millions people, it is the best insurance in terms of affordability that you dont want to miss out if you dont have one. Level of coverage : local. You have to inform the authorities for any changes in place of abode. It covers a lot of things for a minimum price. You can check it out at , click Program Jaminan Kesehatan for more details on the cover, the premium, places where you can get the health services based on living area.

Next, if you like the idea of insurance but maybe thinking that the national health cover is not enough, you can start taking up a private health insurance covers. You can do your own research on what sort of covers you’d like to have, how much premium you afford to pay, and which countries you will visit when you get sick. Most private health insurance will cover countries like Singapore and Malaysia as those two is the most likely destinations for Indonesians. However, do check before you buy!

Sequis Life has a program called Sequis Health Platinum Plus Rider which covers countries on South East Asia (Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Philippine, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Timor Leste) plus China (exclude Hongkong). From 1 month old baby until 65 years old grandpa/grandma can opt to take this cover; with a condition you are still healthy when you enter into the program. It gives protection until you are 85 years old.

Lastly, for someone who loves to do traveling around the world, Sequis Health Global Plus is the best choice. It covers all countries in the world, nothing is excluded. I heard from one of my fellow lions that USA, Japan and Netherland got the best technology for cancer treatment. I don’t really know but I’m glad I got one which will cover the expenses when I need it, wherever I landed.

Health Insurance is not only a cover. For now, it is part of a community lifestyle. If you want further details, just drop me an email at or let me know your email so we can set a time for a meeting.

Steviani, CPA, CFP®.


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