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Last day from the year 2014

31 Dec

Last day my friends, I wish you all a prosperous new year, a better and brighter future to all of you.
Happy New Year!


My Christmas present

21 Dec

Well I have decided to get myself a Christmas present and that is…. A domain… Yes now i own and what will i do with it? I still dont know, i just thought i want something new and i opened and look at the offer and thought Yes i think would be nice.

Looking at my blog writing record, almost 2 years, i have less than 24 posts, even this year i only manage to write less than 10 posts. Money well spent? Maybe not. But hey… It’s Christmas time and New Year is just around the corner. I just have a new baby so maybe I’ll write something about it and eventhough I didnt write anything for the next 12 months, i think i’ll just write it off as donation and forgive myself for doing so T_T

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015 everyone, I hope you all will enjoy this festive season as much as I do and I wish we all have a very peacefull Christmas. Hohoho… Merry Christmas!