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Millenium Gold Plus by Sequis Life

22 Jul



IF you live in Jakarta, earning US Dollar and Planning to Invest your Money at a USD Cash Deposit in a Bank, you may realise that you are ONLY Earning a 1% or less interest with 20% final tax deducted from your interest; or maybe if you left it in USD Saving Account, you are earning a 0,01% interest with $1/month bank fees and again 20% final tax Deducted from your Savings. IF You have No Immediate Plan to use your cash, I would recommend you to check this one:

Sequis Life after its strategic partnership with Nippon Life from Japan has recently launched a Life Insurance product that can be Purchased by Indonesian and all Foreigners/Expatriate who work and stay in Indonesia with a valid KITAS/KITAP visa. Term Deposit locked in between 7-9 years with interest rate around 2%p.a., Tax Free, Authorised by Indonesia Financial Services Authority (OJK).

Product name : Millenium Gold Plus

Product information :

1. Entry Age : 1 month old – 65 years old

2. Currency : US Dollar

3. Payment Option : Annual (yearly)

4. Payment Period : 3, 4 or 5 years ( for Foreigner only available 3 and 4 years)

5. Minimum Annual Premium : US$5,000 / year

6. Life Insurance benefit and Deposit benefit – depending on your payment period :

a. Payment period : 3 years

Insurance benefit : 3,5 x Annual Premium , will be covered for 9 years

Deposit benefit : 3  x Annual Premum x 113,5% , Principal and Interest will be paid lump sum at the end of year 7

b. Payment period : 4 years

Insurance benefit : 4,5 x Annual Premium , will be covered for 10 years

Deposit benefit : 4  x Annual Premum x 116% , Principal and Interest will be paid lump sum at the end of year 8

c. Payment period : 5 years

Insurance benefit : 5,5 x Annual Premium , will be covered for 11 years

Deposit benefit : 5  x Annual Premum x 120% , Principal and Interest will be paid lump sum at the end of year 9

*>note : Maximum Life Insurance benefit for age 1 month – 50 y.o = US$350,000 while for age 51-65 y.o. = US$175,000

7. Underwriting : Non Medical

8. Fees and Charges : Once off $8 policy issuance fee. 

note : All rate and charges are correct as at the posting date. To get the latest update email

Example : Mr. Sakamoto age 47 who work for Company XYZ at Cikarang is currently owning a $300,000 saving which is earning 0,01% p.a. with 20% final tax and $1/month. In a year his saving is increased by $30 interest before tax, deducted with $6 final tax and $12 bank fees, leaving Mr. Sakamoto with $12 annual net increase on his saving account. It would take him around 8 years to get a $100 interest.

Looking at Steviani website and read about Millenium Gold Plus, considering that he will not use the $300,000 savings in the next 7 years, Mr. Sakamoto decided to purchase the product with $50,000 premium per year and choose to pay for 3 years only.

He contacted Steviani by email to and arrange a meeting to get a proposal and the application form. Within 3 days, they met, fill in the application form attaching copy of his current passport with valid KITAS visa. The following day Mr. Sakamoto arrange to transfer $50,000 into Sequis Life USD account at HSBC. Send proof of payment to Steviani by email.

Within 21 working days, the policy will be issued and when it issued, Steviani will again meet Mr. Sakamoto to give him his policy book and explain what is inside the book. Mr. Sakamoto will need to pay another $50,000 in 2016 and $50,000 in 2017. Total premium payment is $150,000 for 3 years ( $50,000 / year).

Say at 1 July 2015 the policy is issued, at 1 July 2022 Mr. Sakamoto will receive back his deposit with interest, a lump sum of $170,250. That is a deposit interest of $20,250 free of tax for a 7 year locked in deposit of $150,000.

After the deposit is matured and being paid out to Mr. Sakamoto there are still another 2 years Free Life Insurance protection with sum assured of $175,000 available to his beneficiaries ie., his beneficiaries will receive an additional cash amount of $175,000 as his family financial protection when Mr. Sakamoto is no longer available to support them in their life.

To Earn $12 per year on a full $300,000 OR Purchase Millenium Gold Plus with half the amount and Earning $20,250 after 7 years is all up to you.

You should have a careful consideration before deciding to purchase any financial product.

If you wish to Purchase this product or need Product Presentation please send me an email at to arrange a meeting time either at your office or our office. Steviani working hour is Monday to Friday from 10 am – 4pm. Your email will be answered within 24 hours or 3 x 24 hours during weekend.

Happy Planning and Investing, Securing Your Own and Your Family Future.

Steviani CPA, CFP®, BKP, QWP

Licensed Insurance Agent of PT Asuransi Jiwa Sequis Life