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When Is Your Time? No One Can Tell

16 Jun

Accident happen almost every day in Jakarta. Some accidents that attract my attentions so far is about a careless husband, driving a motorcycle running on a bridge in a wrong direction then got hit by a car which causes his pregnant wife to get thrown off and down the bridge, and immediately instant death.

Another one is just few days ago, 2 married young doctor who are planning for a holiday to Malaysia; they ride on a taxi which runs more than 120km/hour on the toll road. They were chatting at the back when the taxi driver hit a non moving truck. He lose control then hit a running CRV car, then ended by hitting a concrete wall. The husband is lucky to survive but his 5 months pregnant wife unfortunately got hit on the head and when the husband immediately check on her, the head skull was already soft and her pulse is weak, her eyes pupil is widen. He knew by then, she wont make it. He is 33 years old and she was just 31. They have a 3 years old child at home, now probably waiting for his/her mom who will never return.

Lack of discipline, lack of signs, lack of control and traffic police that is easy to bribe with some quick cash. It is not a blaming game, it is just a pity that some people have to lose their loved one only because they can’t follow simple instructions to be safe on the road. You are not the only one who is using it so why can’t you be more careful, care more about other people who is also using the same road. Read the signs, stop when you have to stop, be patient when it is crowded, take turns and don’t cut in front of other people and pissing them off. Your family is waiting at home. Accident do happen but When is Your Time? No One Can Tell so when you are on the road, stay alert and be safe.