Sequislife Annual Trip to New York 27 April – 6 May 2013

9 May


Is that me? Hahaha… no..I took that picture, the person in the picture is Ines Putri Tjiptadi Chandra, Sequislife Brand Ambassador and Miss Indonesia 2012. We were on the same bus during the 10 days trip.  It was a clear fine day in Niagara Falls, USA side when I took that picture.  Beautiful Ines was teaching me on how to take that beautiful picture. ^_^

What is so special when you get an insurance annual trip awards?

First and foremost, it is totally FREE. We all got 5 years American Visa for free. Free 10 days tour with Smailing Tour, free Sequislife Priviledge 2013 black cabin luggage, free optional tours in the US.

Second and the rest, I just quote what the Tour Leaders considered as special for this Sequislife New York Trip :

2. The bus is equipped with Free Wifi and toilet inside the bus. Free BBM every day yay!!

3. When touring New York City, usually other tours will booked the hotel outside New York City. Sequislife however, is booking Sheraton New York Times Square. Right in the heart of New York City, near the 5th avenue, near to all our shopping needs ^_^

4. Visiting Niagara Falls, Sequislife booked Seneca Niagara Casino and Hotel – 4 Diamonds, 10 minutes walk to Niagara Falls USA side and considered one of the Top Hotels near Niagara. It was a really grand hotel with private casino and shopping arcades.

5. When others are having gala dinner at a hotel, Sequislife took all of its agents and their partners to enjoy a Gala Dinner in a Bateaux Cruise down Manhattan, New York City, passing the Liberty Statue and Ellis Island. Accompany with good musics and the finest food, we all enjoy our night away with song and dance. There are gift away of Apple mini ipad as well on the cruise, free gift from Smailing Tour and some special gifts to everyone from Sequislife.

It was such a wonderful trip and hope to see everyone else again on our next trip to London, Ireland and Scotland in 2014.

Steviani, CPA, CFP®, 2013 Sequislife ICON, MDRT.






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