ICON Night

11 Apr

3rd of April 2013, JW Marriott hotel were full with Japanese girls in their beautiful kimono. Cherry blossom trees are everywhere and the rooms are coloured red with lots of origami crane, paper umbrella and lampions.

That special day was Sequislife ICON night, going full Japanese style this year. It was a night where ICON of Sequislife gather to celebrate their 2012 achievements.  To be a member of Sequislife ICON in 2013, they must have a production minimum of Rp.770.389.180,- in the year 2012.  On that night there were 61 ICONs being rewarded, which all of them are qualifying member of MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) and their productions are well beyond the ICON requirements. Simply said, they are the best producer of Sequislife.

In 2013 there are 124 listed Qualifying MDRT members from Sequislife (based on 2012 productions). The 2013 minimum requirements to be a proud member of MDRT from Indonesia, based on 2012 production is Rp.531.666.000,-  or earn a minimum commission of Rp.265.833.000,-.  Founded in 1927, the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), The Premier Association of Financial Professionals, is an international, independent association of nearly 38,000 of the world’s leading life insurance and financial services professionals from more than 450 companies in 79 countries. MDRT members demonstrate exceptional professional knowledge, strict ethical conduct and outstanding client service. MDRT membership is recognized internationally as the standard of sales excellence in the life insurance and financial services business. http://www.mdrt.org

Sequislife as a prominent life insurance company in Indonesia is providing a full range of best life insurance product in the industry. At the ICON night, the 2020 vision of Sequislife was announced, that is “TO BE THE PREFERRED LIFE AND HEALTH INSURER IN INDONESIA”. To become one I’m sure we need more than great products. More professionals are needed to educate future clients and great customer service to follow.

That’s all my reports for tonight and I hope we can see more ICONs in 2014.

Steviani, CPA, CFP®, 2013 Sequislife ICON, MDRT.





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