Money for everything

13 Apr

As i wrote this, i still read many articles on local newspaper like Kompas, writing almost identical stories almost every week. Talking about Jakarta, their current issues are about flood, never ending corruption stories, murders, theft, rapes, traffic jam, bad public transport, etc. Well, in Jakarta, every day, those issues are always current issues, from day 1 to day 365 or 366.

I always read all those stories with much interest. At least those are stories that catch my interest when I open up the newspaper. With so many issues happening every day, it make me wonder whether the law enforcement in this country actually works? If you can hire the police to do whatever you want, like guarding your event, give way to your bus if you want to go anywhere for any event you want, no wonder we never feel safe living in this country. Money is the only thing that makes the police works. Though I have met some decent police who don’t ask for money but apparently if you get caught the only way out is to give that green, blue or red paper bill.

Once i ever got caught by a police and the police without a name tag are stopping me and said, ” Do you want to solve it here or get a fine?”

I was like “What? What was my mistake?”

He said ” You shouldn’t turn left when the red light is on.”

I said “Okay, though i see everyday that every single car was doing it and i thought it was okay, apparently i’m wrong.”

He then asked me again ” Do you want to solve it here?”

I’m pretty sure i got pissed when he asked me the second time so i was like ” Sir, if I am making a mistake then give me a fine! Why are you keep asking me to solve it here? What is your name?”

He got angry when i asked that, very funny, he said “Why are you asking my name?”

I said, “Because it seems you keep pushing me to solve it here and i’m afraid that you are going to give me more trouble, so i hope you don’t mind that from now on, i will record all of my conversation with you as my evidence. So, i hope you don’t mind to start by telling me your name because i don’t see your name on your uniform.”

He stepped back, away from the car to get a fresh air apparently and come back with a calmer tone, saying “Mam, I am stopping you because you are not suppose to turn left when the light is on and yada yada yada…”

He was giving me the fine on the spot afterward and confiscate my driving license.

I told a friend of mine that i’d rather pay the fine because it will go straight to the government.

Few days later, i got my driving license back and my driver who collect it for me said that he paid Rp.135.000,00 to get that license back. He told me that he got a discount and that person he paid is not a cop, that person he paid got to bribe the police to get my driving license back.

In the end, lesson learned, they said it is cheaper to just pay the police on the spot than go thru the hassle of going to the police station. Indonesia, you still got a really longgg….. way ahead to get down from that top rank of the most corrupted country in the world.

Steviani, CPA, CFP®, 2013 Sequislife ICON, MDRT.



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