Compare Health Insurance

15 Apr

Almost 4 years now, living back in Jakarta, Indonesia. For the past 3 years, I’ve spent quite some time comparing many health insurance product for individuals. Most of them are similar in terms of benefit, though if you compare some are obvious enough not a good bargain in the market . Unfortunately, some people in Indonesia are either don’t really care about what they spend their money for or… maybe they just don’t have the time and resources to compare before they buy.

I’m pretty sure that almost everybody, will compare prices before they decide to buy gadgets, bags, cars, houses, golds, etc. Every smart people will do their homework before they decide to buy another assets.  However, i found that in particular about life and health insurance for individuals (not company), some people tend to just buy whatever insurance agent told them without doing their homework prior nor checking the validity of whatever the insurance agent claims as the benefit they will receive.

I am an insurance agent my self, though my parents and relatives are not really proud of it, at least I’m glad to know that I am different from the insurance agents they knew back in the past. I am not a big star but I am aiming to change the face of life and health industry in Indonesia. We’ll see how it goes along the way.

Now, let’s start by checking this out:

1. Have you got a health insurance? YES / NO

If you have, good on you! By buying a health insurance, it means you have stretch your dollar or rupiah further.

What do I mean by that? Let see if you can understand my explanation. I present to you 2 cases.

First one is about my cousin. He was 16 years old at that time. He borrowed his friends motorcycle, play with it and a little bump make him lose control and get thrown off the motorcycle. Hit a parking car, faint and got hospitalised. Doctor said he got internal bleeding because his ribs were broken, it punctured his internal organs and he also broke his legs. He can’t move, can’t walk.

Few months after, he started to walk and eager  to go back to school, even though he is still having a hard time walking with crutches. His face was beaming with joy to finally be able to see his friends. One evening, he got a fever, his mother told him to take a Panadol and try to sleep. Not long, he started shaking and his mom straight away took him to the hospital. He got infections from the previous injuries. He passed away soon after that. He was just 16, and he is the only child. His mom sold their only house to cover all of his medical expenses which cost around half a billion rupiahs (Rp.500.000.000,00), he didn’t know about it.

Second one is about my uncle. He is still alive, he got 5-6 stents in his heart and was doing it in Singapore, spent about S$35,000.00 ( thirty five thousands Singapore dollar). His health insurance pay for all of his medical cost and how much is the cost for him? For all of that, the cost was just around 20-30 million rupiahs at that time.

From the two cases, I hope some people now understand what it means to stretch your dollar/ rupiah further.

To put it simple, which one you choose :

a. Pay the hospital the sum owed, full amount with your savings money and other assets which can be sold.

b. Pay the hospital the sum owed, full amount with your insurance money.

Once you are sick and get hospitalised to receive treatment, you have to pay the bill no matter what. Health Insurance won’t make you healthy, but at least it protect you from financial breakdown afterwards.

Steviani, CPA, CFP®, 2013 Sequislife ICON, MDRT.








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